Hi I’m Nick and I’m a Divorce Accountant

30 years ago, after qualifying as a chartered accountant, I worked for accountancy firms doing the usual mixture of audit, accounts and tax work.  In about 1990 I became involved with work that would now be called forensic accounting and for the last 15 years I have worked in-house as a forensic accountant for what has become the UK’s largest specialist family law firm.

During this period, I have applied my forensic accounting skills for the benefit of the firm’s growing number of solicitors and clients, on a wide range of financial matters.  Safe to say that no two days are the same, as every case brings with it its own set of unique circumstances and issues.  I have also acquired an extensive knowledge of the divorce process, the personalities and agendas involved, how cases are conducted and how the finances are resolved.

My Aim

In starting Nick White Forensic Accounting I aim to provide the benefit of my unique experience and knowledge to those seeking to resolve their divorce finances, either as litigants in person or already represented by solicitors.  

Whether you are in mediation, seeking to resolve matters through voluntary disclosure or are in formal Court proceedings, I may be able to assist.  

My ability to understand, interpret, evaluate and communicate complex financial matters (such as company accounts, taxation and income) enables clients to understand those matters more easily and helps them to move forward in the process without becoming bogged down.

I can work directly with you, or with those already advising you, to seek to bring matters to a prompt resolution.


Since 1990, in my role as a forensic accountant in the accountancy and legal sectors I have acted as both advisor and as expert (preparing reports for Court purposes) on a wide and varied range of matters, for solicitors, insurance companies and regulatory authorities, including:



Including fraud and drug trafficking.

Personal Injury

Including clinical negligence.


I can act for either a single party (advisor) or as a Single Joint Expert and have given expert evidence at Court on several occasions.

Specialising in Divorce Finance
for 15 years

My expertise


Preparation of forms E (financial disclosure) for either party, including asset totals from the modest to many £’millions.

Review and dissecting of financial disclosure especially relating to business interests and true levels of income.


Preparation of directed, pertinent and proportionate questions relating to the other party’s financial disclosure, and consideration of related replies.

Consideration of the need (or not) for experts to be appointed.

Providing a 2ndopinion for clients where expert reports have been obtained on such matters as business valuations, income and liquidity and raising questions of those experts.

Preparation of asset summaries

Advising on settlement structures and related tax implications

In my role I have attended client meetings and conferences with Counsel, including senior London QCs, have attended at both FDR appointments and at Court to provide assistance in settlement negotiations, and on occasion have provided expert evidence in Court.  I have found on many occasions that my input can unlock a previously deadlocked negotiation just through approaching matters using a financial, lateral thinking approach.

If you think I may be of help to you, please get in touch.

I was the founding partner of Stowe Family Law and in 2004 I asked Nick to join the firm. It was a novel venture, an in-house forensic accountant for a family law firm but it worked and as the firm grew, he acquired an assistant.
By the time a new client had left our office he or she had a pretty good idea from us where we were going on a case. I would advise on the law and sharing, and he on the assets.
We didn’t have to waste time going outside the firm and if necessary we could act quickly to protect assets. Nick is sensible, focused and fair. I would recommend his services any day, whether as an investigator or to form a fair view of the value of assets.
He was a terrific help across my firm when I was in private practice.
Marilyn Stowe


Please call 0113 266 9429, email nick@nickwhitedivorceaccountants.co.uk or use the form below